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Who Is Anson Mah?

Anson Mah is a highly successful Internet Entrepreneur, an Internet Marketing Genius who earns an awesome income online every month from his various web properties and online businesses. Anson Mah is also a freelance web designer/Internet consultant living in Singapore. In June 2006, Anson started an online company, which is the holding company for various web properties relating to affiliate marketing, niche marketing, search engine optimisation and content marketing. The company also develops professionally designed WordPress websites for businesses and individuals. You might find this hard to believe, but 8 years ago Anson didn't even know how to set up an online business and had never touched a piece of marketing books. Everything Anson has done since then has been self-taught. Anson Mah is truly greatly blessed, highly favored and deeply loved. To read my story, Click Here!

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