Having the Right Business Intention

Being rich is something that probably almost everyone has fantasized about. Having the right business intention will help you to achieve your wealthy dreams. Whether you’re rich now, or on your way to realizing your big bucks, every person has fantasized about how it would be for money to not be a problem in their lives. Of these people who fantasize and dream, more than half of them will stay within the realm of fantasy and decide to buy a lottery ticket. There is a portion of these dreamers who would take a bigger risk and invest their money in a business venture or any other opportunity. Most of these ventures, unfortunately, will fail within three years. However, there are those select few who are meant for success when going into a business.

There is one thing that separates those who fail from those who succeed: intention. Some are in it for the money while others go into business for the love of it. The thing to remember though is that if your objectives are purely monetary, you might just be setting yourself up for failure.

The Three Financial Intentions

Those who have made their fortune already know that there are three important financial intentions. These are:

  1. To have very high income
  2. To create passive income
  3. Dramatically enhance the value of their money

Most people are satisfied with simply working, getting paid and earning enough to get by. If they are in a business, they aim to earn enough from the business just to sustain day to day life. What they fail to do is to look at the picture in the long-run: they realize is that having a business means more than just earning enough from the business. Your venture can be your source of wealth as well, not just income.

Making Your Business Work for You


Those who have found success in putting up and managing their own businesses understand that a business is simply about two things: buy or create something and sell it for more to make a profit. A problem that a lot of businessmen and women tend to have is that they focus more of their time on operations or administration concerns, instead of the actual process of buying/creating and selling. This is the core of your business and should be the main focus.

In the old days, people were already doing business. Even in the early days, business was already being done in the form of barter trade. Centuries ago, there were no computers, financial management methods, accounting, or tech support. It was all about delivering the good or service, and entrepreneurs should never forget the core goal of the business.

Going into a business means going into a very heavy commitment and responsibility. And if you want to make your business work for you, your goals and outlook shouldn’t be “I’m going into business because it makes more money”. You should understand that it takes a lot of work to make a business work, and it isn’t something you should lightly or haphazardly decide into. Make sure you’ve got a strong financial intention to grow when you’re getting into business and it will definitely work for you.

To Your Life Success!

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